Rarely is it a matter of finding the best video production company. Rather, it’s usually a matter of finding the best fit for your project or brand. We recognize that we’re not always going to be the best fit for every project, but that door swings both ways. Like any other film or video production company, we have our strengths and our weaknesses. Over the years, our clients have consistently acknowledged and appreciated these primary points:

  • Production Value – Quality is one thing, value is another. We offer a great production quality at a fraction of the price of larger production companies. We are often using the same crew and equipment as those larger companies, but because we own our equipment, are efficient producers, and welcome a busy schedule, we can cut costs in a big way.
  • Creative Storytelling – There is always a story to be told, or at least that’s what we believe. Even short commercials have a beginning, middle and an end. Ours is a team of filmmakers, and it’s the artist in us who is always looking for a story that is engaging and told in a manner not seen before.
  • Communication – It all starts with communication. We want to make sure our productions achieve the goals we put in place and, to do that, we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. We may even be guilty of over communicating from time to time, but we feel that’s a lot better than the alternative.
  • We “Get It” – We hear this one all the time. At first, we didn’t appreciate the significance of this statement but, over the years, it has formed our business and our reputation. We have worked on both sides of the camera and on both sides of the negotiating table, so we have a good understanding of who the players are and what everyone is expecting.

Filmmakers are artists and as we all know, art is subjective. Below are some of the best production companies we are aware of across the state of North Carolina. Some of which we’ve worked with in some capacity, but others work we have just admired thus far.

If you’re interested in hiring the right video production company, click the link to learn more. This particular post is focused on who in North Carolina is doing quality work, has a good reputation in the industry (as far as we know), and could possible be considered as one of the best video production companies in the state.

Company – Specialty/Experience

Bonesteel Films – Web Content (Asheville)

K2 Productions – Broadcast Production (Charlotte)

Lighthouse Films – High-End Stock Video (Wilmington)

Trailblazer Studios – Reality Television (Raleigh)