There may be an “I” in “independent”…but there probably shouldn’t be. They say “film is a collaborative medium” and it’s absolutely true. Independent film however takes it one step further. Film is like a child and it usually takes a talented village to make one people will care about.

Film Production Services:

Port City Films has been in the thick of the Wilmington, North Carolina film scene for over a decade. Having worked in a variety of roles, on a variety of film and television projects, from mega-budget studio pictures to no-budget short film passion projects, our producers have a good sense of what it takes to bring a good story to life and what is needed to be in place for that story to resonate with the audience.

  • Feature Length Film Production
  • Short Film Production
  • Executive & Line Producing
  • Pre-Production
    • Script Writing & Development
    • Storyboard Development
    • Budgeting
    • Location Scouting
    • Casting
    • Production Scheduling
  • Production
    • Production Equipment
    • Production Crew
    • EPK Producing
  • Post Production
    • HD Video & Audio Editing
    • Advanced Color Correction
    • Animation, Graphics, & Effects
    • Trailer & Promotional Clip Development
    • DVD Menu Development
    • DVD Printing & Duplication
  • Film Marketing Strategy

For more information about our independent film studio, services, and investment opportunities, feel free to contact us today.