HD & Ultra HD Video Production Company

Behind every great video is a great story. Our filmmakers find creative ways to tell each and every story and our video production crews use the latest equipment, techniques, and software to help bring those stories to life. Along with being a full-service video production company, we also provide animation services.


Aerial Videos

Sometimes a tripod just won’t cut it. Aerial videography can be the element to take your production to the next level. Our team utilizes ultra HD drones, airplanes, and helicopters for those advanced shots that can’t be duplicated on the ground.

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Brand/Explainer Videos

Introducing a brand, product, or service is a huge deal. It’s important to have clear and concise video production that reflects the brand and communicates the message clearly. Often used front-and-center, these videos might be the first and only impression with potential clients and must be treated with caution and care.



Commercials come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally television was the medium of choice and 30-seconds was the magical length. With the emergence of web video and social media channels, the internet has become prime real estate for commercials and the run-times have increased flexibility.

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Corporate/Web Videos

Content is king and web videos sit on the Iron Throne (you’re welcome G.O.T. fans). These videos come in all shapes and sizes but the sweet spot is professional video quality without breaking the bank with a full crew and production truck. Even with a small crew, we make videos that deliver a bigger return on investment.

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Feature & Short Film Production

Wilmington didn’t become Hollywood East over night or by accident. The crews, locations, facilities, and equipment are all here to produce projects of any size. The key is pulling it all together to tell a story on a budget. Our filmmakers have worked on projects from major motion pictures to independent short films, right here in Wilmywood, NC.

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Show Production

Content is in high demand wether you’re talking about television, streaming services, or video on demand (VOD). Production requirements may be very different from reality to narrative but productions of any size always go back to story. Our production team has worked on various shows producing episodes and pilots around the world.

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Testimonial Videos

Listening to a paid actor is one thing, but watching a real person talk about their personal experiences allows the audience to connect with a brand. Testimonial videos can be used in many different ways. They can be stand-alone videos online while at the same time be part of a larger marketing piece.

Get Ready to Roll

Interested in having a project developed by our team? Our Producers would love to discuss all of your upcoming video and animation needs.